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Our Story

Tucker was a stray that had wondered the streets of Elkhart and even as far as Union and Edwardsburg, MI. She was finally captured in an abandoned house. Since then there have been many others running this area that had turned feral/survival instincts kick in and humans become predators in their eyes. Realizing the need for stray dogs that have gotten away from their owners, or dogs that were abandoned and quickly went into feral mode, we have become a 501 C-3 organization (K 911 Lost And Feral Dog Rescue, Inc.) to catch these dogs and get them to safety. That will involve time to decompress and trust, and then any medical that is needed. We are turning to the our community and neighboring towns to assist us in our needs. We will be using Amazon’s wish list. We are depending on you to not only assist us but to encourage us along the way. Setting up feeding stations, and keeping alert for dogs running scared. Also with foster homes or even possibly being trained to care for a feral mode dog. We are a small group but dedicated. We also have a search dog for special cases. Most times it will require patience, time and much effort with feeding stations and setting live traps. We appreciate our community support!

Doggie Tales




Red Dog

Stray hold is up May 29th. He traveled from Plymouth to Mishawaka and was captured on the US 20 bypass. He'll be neutered and vaccinated May 30. Keep checking back to see when he'll be available for adoption.


Ready for foster home or adoption.


Mr. Rags

Rags ran in feral mode for nearly 2 1/2 years prior to being trapped. Due to being live trapped once before, he was very difficult to catch! He's now coming out of feral mode and check back for updates as he progresses.


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